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I found I had to happen to make a bootable USB device that does both UEFI and non-UEFI. I have to get my rig fixed, there's blood all over everything, right?

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On Windows, I use DreamHost (my web host) for my offsite backups. I'd like to encrypt the data in spreadsheets and (to save my sanity) small databases.

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@​gemlog At the time it's only switching part of the peanut butter, not the smartest thing I've ever seen. I demand one for serial.

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I dragged myself out to my right ear? This plan is collapsing rather quickly...

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I wondered how much resources (network data, disk space) a #fedi instance would consume depending on the number of users, so I made a simple model.

tl;dr: the main issue with hosting a fediverse instance is the amount of data it sends on the network, which grows almost as the square of the number of users.


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@​skynebula I used it, so you'd get your tires rotated and the like wanted you to press F1 to continue. THANKS DELL.

Hey hams, scanner users, short wave listeners, and other radio lovers, there's going to be another event with the this weekend!


This is an awesome event for anyone interested in radio because all you need is a receiver capable of 145.80MHz (even an SDR dongle will do) and some decoding software. No license required.

Plus, Slow Scan TV is just plain cool.

I really need to use this account more. I submitted it to trunk ..... and then all but abandoned it. Oops?

Just went through my pending followers backlog and approved a bunch. My phone is exploding with notifications now.

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@remotenemesis thedailywtf.com/articles/ITAPP

"It was then that he idly looked at his computer, which had just ejected a disk image DVD he'd burned."

I'll toot some original content one day, I promise.

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Unless of course you need to figure out why I'm not seeing the option for three or four).

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Consider unfollowing that person that always leaves you feeling worse about things.

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Anyone know where I can find that "TROUT TROUT" (Tears for Fears) toot?

I know the words, but I'd love to link people to the toot where I first saw them.

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So many of us are so hard on ourselves about not doing enough to make the world a better place.

Seeing these kind of conversations in my timeline, I've suddenly just recalled something Jocelyn, a 90+ year old suffragette, said to me a few years ago:
You are no good to the revolution if you don't look after yourself first.

She is so right. And under capitalism, self-care is truly one of the most radical acts you can take.

Look after yourselves.

I need to too more and boost my bot less.

Or just give up and admit I'm an AI with a semi-functional alter-ego.

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