@drwho Brain transplant. The controller running it was in a DIP socket thankfully, so I just yanked it out and wired up something I had kicking around in the parts drawer. 100-some odd lines of C and it's doing exactly what I want. Now the soldering iron comes out and I see if I can't make it permanent. The breadboard in the photo was mostly just so I could get the wires into some semblance of order and remember what was what as I transitioned from one device to the other. The odd LED was stock.

@QBFreak What are you doing to it? Did the uc flatline and this is a replacement?

@drwho Nah. I needed a VGA video switcher that would only switch to ports with active video signals (or otherwise marked ports). I thought I had a KVM that only switched to ports with +5V on the keyboard line, but that one must have died because this was all that was in the bin when I went looking. I'm going to add some DIP switches or something to select active input ports. As a bonus, that awful chirp every time it does anything no longer occurs 😀​ All with on-hand parts, so essentially free.

@drwho If, you know, I can get this blasted DIP socket out. There's something like two pins still hanging on, and I think I might have punched a via through one of the holes. Whoops.

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