@QBFreak its good news but I also wonder if Motorola has a longer term aim in mind, to feed an ecosystem of enough independent repair outlets and prove their devices are robust to capture the big contracts Emergency Services worldwide might have on offer as they move from TETRA to LTE (at least for some of their comms?)

@vfrmedia Motorola Mobility competing with Motorola Solutions? 😀

@QBFreak or even working together? There's already a lot of Lenovo equipment in the embedded systems used by blue light services and healthcare round here (its often either Lenovo or HP)

Although the UK ESN (LTE emergency network) is delayed, there are early adopters in agencies like Border Force where the capability to use robust but "civillian type" devices in operational use could well be seen as valuable in covert situations..

@vfrmedia It would be amusing if they decided to join back together, but from what I've heard Motorola Solutions is busy trimming the fat so dunno if anything like that is likely. I think I remember hearing they sold off a good bit of their main campus. Sad.

@QBFreak I don't think they'd even need to officially join back together, only to start shipping robust LTE devices that both civilian organisations/endusers and public services would want to use.

Of course any device manufacturer could do this, but Motorola already has the legacy brand image for robust communications equipment..

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