Well, it's a clean as it's going to get. Behold! The Lab.

Ignore that tray of junk behind the vise, that all needs to go away.

*falls over into shiny workbench ferret shock*

@QBFreak I desparately need to clean out our garage so I can have a proper lab as well. Especially after I finish the #Kestrel3 to a point where it'll make a nice bench computer, I have a ton more electronics projects I want to work on.

@vertigo My previous lab probably looked a lot like your garage looks now 😀​. There are two methods that I've used for big cleanup projects. Major life change (ie: moving) or small bites. It probably took me a week or more to get the current lab as neat as it is now. I'd just do a little here, and a little there, and when it got to be too much I'd stop. Unless I could tell I was just feeling lazy, I'd set small goals and try to power through that.

But that's all just me. Everyone is different.

@QBFreak Going on years now for me. Life change was what made it a mess to begin with, and is irrecoverable without the consent of the significant other. :/

@vertigo Yeah, it happens. I had a health crisis and now a lot of my stuff is packed into a shed. C'est la vie.

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