Hey hams, scanner users, short wave listeners, and other radio lovers, there's going to be another event with the this weekend!

This is an awesome event for anyone interested in radio because all you need is a receiver capable of 145.80MHz (even an SDR dongle will do) and some decoding software. No license required.

Plus, Slow Scan TV is just plain cool.

@QBFreak I'm not familiar with slow scan tv, but you mentioned #swling. Is there any audio-only component to this? I've tuned in to shortwave broadcasts from the other side of the planet on my little Tecsun radio, it would be cool to receive shortwave from ISS.

@Zach It's on the VHF band, and it's still images encoded as audio. No voice components unfortunately. I'm also not sure if the average short-wave radio goes up to VHF anymore. I had an old radio that received _everything_ back in the day.

As for decoding it, there's free software that will take the audio and convert it into images, either from your microphone (spotty) or an audio cable from the radio to the PC.

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