How to get on the bad side of almost every *nix nerd:

"Emacs and Vi are both equally good."

@QBFreak @jeffalyanak Yes. Exactly this.

They are both extensively good editors that work well for people who think in a particular way. Emacs is for people who flow through work to keep their mind working, vi for people who enjoy breaks to keep their mind working.
They both have learning curves to compensate for things we no longer need to deal wit
They both have annoying groups of people behind them who just can't deal with the idea not everyone is the same.

@QBFreak @jeffalyanak I don't want vi (or vim) on any machines I am the sole administrator of, because I don't want to accidentally start editing and have to kill -9 to get around locking it into yet another bizzarre mode. (I use mg, a microemacs, when I don't want a full emacs setup. Which is unneeded, due to tramp.)
But any that I share with someone who can edit using ex when vi doesn't work because the machine is underwater and shorting out and needs backed up?

They get vi.

@Truck @jeffalyanak Many years ago, when all I knew was there were editor wars and I needed to pick a side, I tried them both out. I had the exact opposite experience. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get out of emacs, meanwhile in vi I stumbled into the help and learned how to close it. It's been one of the first things I install on a new box ever since.

@Truck @jeffalyanak Probably not a ringing endorsement for vi "I figured out how to close it" but you take what you can get I suppose πŸ˜€β€‹

@QBFreak @jeffalyanak I personally think people who are going to do any sort of administration or code should spend time finding the tool that works best for them, and know enough of the other tools in case they show up somewhere and they need to be dealt with.

I'm apparently in the minority here.

Also, Cygnus Ed is the best Amiga editor. Even if I can't remember it's keys anymore (:

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