I had a flat tire on my truck yesterday.

Both cans of Fix-a-Flat were defective duds.

Then, I discover the jack is broken.

I couldn't get a ride, so I walked 5+ miles home while wearing cheap water shoes. Now my feet are covered in blisters.

Lessons learned :

1) Fix-a-Flat is useless.

2) Check your jack before you need it.

3) Water shoes are not made for long walks on hard asphalt.


@galacticstone I used a can of slime on a hand truck tire once. Thing is, you're supposed to drive something like a mile once you put the slime in. Ended up putting a large threaded rod through the wheel, nuts on both sides to hold it in place, and then chucking the rod in a drill and zip-tying the trigger so I could let it run for a while.

In the end I eventually still had problems with the tire coming off the rim and had to get new wheels, but it got me by for a little while.

@galacticstone It was exciting the first time I fired the drill up and forgot to tighten the nuts down all the way, had a hand truck tire flying across the room at high speed...

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