So I did this yesterday. I discovered I don't know where my 5.25" disks are to test it, but I've got a machine ready for em once I sort that out.

Fun fact: You can program HT (say a ) straight from the built-in UART on the

I had worked this out a while back and tested it successfully with . It uses port /dev/ttyAMA0

Had a bit of a duh moment, looking at this screen, trying to figure out how to tell this cheap BIOS it now had a 5.25" floppy drive. Eventually logic prevailed and I made a better selection.

Speaking of things I forgot I ordered, look what just showed up from China!

Do not place penguins with bow-ties in the freezer.

Do I open it, or sell it on eBay as "vintage"? It even says "A division of Tandy Corp." on the back.

Look what I just found in a desk drawer. Not as old as it looks, there's a 2007/2008 calendar in the back. Still, too pretty for someone with handwriting like me to be writing in.

Got some help for the heavy lifting, and finally found a home for the Apple //c.

Now what to do about all these desk drawers full of stuff sitting on my bed....

Woo! My MMJ connectors arrived! I replaced the one I "made" on the back of the with the real thing. No longer will I have to be concerned about it pulling out due to a lack of a locking tab. If anyone else needs any I'd be happy to share my source.

Wait. What? No, I want it processed no _later_ than the due date.

Are you lazy like me? Open up a text editor with the hashtags for tonight's movie and stick it at the bottom of the screen where it wont interfere with the pinned hashtag or your toot box. Make the editor window Always On Top. You can copy and paste the hashtags, and more specifically when you inevitably accidentally copy something else to the clipboard, it's easy to get it back. (I had this problem last month).

Two quick photos before I turn the accursed lights off and enjoy the sweet darkness.

Behold! The , complete with a nice dumb terminal.

All this talk of Windows 10 and Linux in my feed reminded me of this conversation last week.

I remember way back when my Dad still worked with DEC dumb terminals on a daily basis (and thus VAXen), that they had similar stickers for the front of the key caps for some applications.

I'd be more interested in these VIM stickers if they were designed for the front of the key caps instead of the top (as I'd put them on my terminal keyboard). But modern keyboards aren't built in a way that something like that would be feasible, thus it doesn't likely exist.

Ugh. Found a bug in the serial debugging app I'm using. The ASCII representation of the second and third bytes in the screenshot should be .... something else, and the rest shifted to the right two bytes.

Incidentally this is also the sequence that's ticking off my terminal. Specifically 0x90

I've got to run off for a bit, but the offending characters are in here somewhere, based on what does and does not display on the screen.

My next step is to shut down the console and start feeding the escape sequences to it manually until I reproduce the problem.

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