@fribbledom My brother in law printed some knobs for an amateur radio out of something similar and with a little finishing they turned out beautiful.

@galacticstone It was exciting the first time I fired the drill up and forgot to tighten the nuts down all the way, had a hand truck tire flying across the room at high speed...

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ACK! I forgot to sync them to establish the location for my inbound email, that way lies madness.

@galacticstone I used a can of slime on a hand truck tire once. Thing is, you're supposed to drive something like a mile once you put the slime in. Ended up putting a large threaded rod through the wheel, nuts on both sides to hold it in place, and then chucking the rod in a drill and zip-tying the trigger so I could let it run for a while.

In the end I eventually still had problems with the tire coming off the rim and had to get new wheels, but it got me by for a little while.

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physical health query, migraines 

@K3LTC Sadly, no. Hopefully this will encourage something similar that covers that Americas.

re: Linux #GettingStarted 

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I actually feel like I once discovered I can get used money cheaper?

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Toploader - Dancing in the middle of something on the whoopie cushion we hid under the hashtag #WeAreNameless

@Truck @jeffalyanak Probably not a ringing endorsement for vi "I figured out how to close it" but you take what you can get I suppose 😀​

@Truck @jeffalyanak Many years ago, when all I knew was there were editor wars and I needed to pick a side, I tried them both out. I had the exact opposite experience. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get out of emacs, meanwhile in vi I stumbled into the help and learned how to close it. It's been one of the first things I install on a new box ever since.

@dokuja @jeffalyanak I did a bunch of stuff in Xed last night that I should have used grep for. Because of bad Windows habits.

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@​​​rick_777 We need to rip out all the crazy power issues after the fact. Obviously trying to squeeze it with my answering machine.

@gemlog Heh. I updated Fedilab and it somehow switched to my default account (this one) instead of the last one I had used. I didn't notice for a while.

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