Popped it into TinEye. Here's some random references:



reddit.com/r/OldSchoolCool/com (comment that links to previous image)

That image was quite popular on Reddit apparently. Some of the reverse image search results name the file things that reference Toronto. There also appears to be a version floating around where someone has converted it to more of a grayscale.

No obvious original source in my admittedly causal search.

@ijyx Sometimes I will pick something I'm interested in, and just play with it. Both because it's fun (and who doesn't like fun?), but also because I know that ultimately I'll learn something from it. Even though it's unstructured, undirected, no procedures. Just seeing what I can do with it, what I enjoy doing with it.

This is one of the ways kids and young animals learn, why can't I?

Plus. You know. It's fun. And we sure need plenty of that right now.

Listening to some Switchfoot, however my head is not happy about that.


@pisscotheque I have a friend who's online handle is often abbreviated down to "Trout". Since you tooted this last year I've started using it to summon him in chat.

@m4iler Who is Mr. Wiggles? You'll find out when you get to the right episode.

@nivex I currently do host a VPN so I can get onto my network from elsewhere, Nextcloud for "cloud" storage and calendar, the occasional game server (presently Minecraft), an Etherpad install for some friends, and a few web apps I've experimented with for organizing myself.

Yesterday evening we (Mom specifically) adopted a young dog.

Today she's doing all the slightly troublesome things that young dogs do. Like finding small holes in the fence or getting into stagnant bodies of water.

Silly us, we thought we had adequately prepared.

I just realized that while my amateur radio license renewed last year, I never printed and laminated a new card.

I keep one in the visor of the car after an unpleasant law enforcement experience regarding antennas long long ago.

I'm sure "See, I'm a real ham!" *expired license* is exactly what a tense situation needs.

*shakes some of the dust off this account*

*coughing fit*

@fribbledom My brother in law printed some knobs for an amateur radio out of something similar and with a little finishing they turned out beautiful.

@galacticstone It was exciting the first time I fired the drill up and forgot to tighten the nuts down all the way, had a hand truck tire flying across the room at high speed...

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ACK! I forgot to sync them to establish the location for my inbound email, that way lies madness.

@galacticstone I used a can of slime on a hand truck tire once. Thing is, you're supposed to drive something like a mile once you put the slime in. Ended up putting a large threaded rod through the wheel, nuts on both sides to hold it in place, and then chucking the rod in a drill and zip-tying the trigger so I could let it run for a while.

In the end I eventually still had problems with the tire coming off the rim and had to get new wheels, but it got me by for a little while.

@K3LTC Sadly, no. Hopefully this will encourage something similar that covers that Americas.

re: Linux #GettingStarted 

@dublinux Your terminal will probably represent your home directory (/home/username) with a single ~

Don't panic, you're home, this is normal.

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I actually feel like I once discovered I can get used money cheaper?

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