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How did I get here? And more importantly, what did I toot last night from here that I meant to toot from over there?

Thinking about watching Life again. It has a very interesting feel to it. Doesn't hurt that it's short (two seasons).

Seriously considering a nap. Which is weird, because I had a bunch of caffeine and I'm listening to some of Royksopp's more energetic offerings.

@selea @ella_kane Definitely. I need to expand my horizons, but I'm so darned lazy.

@ella_kane @selea I can attest that it runs well on older hardware. It's my go-to for stuff with (relatively) slow processors and little RAM.

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I found I had to happen to make a bootable USB device that does both UEFI and non-UEFI. I have to get my rig fixed, there's blood all over everything, right?

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On Windows, I use DreamHost (my web host) for my offsite backups. I'd like to encrypt the data in spreadsheets and (to save my sanity) small databases.

@fribbledom I was lucky enough to get my start with QBasic, when I finally learned about GW-BASIC, it was an interesting experience.

@kemonine Bernice and Joyce took their hoverrounds to the Grand Canyon!

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@​gemlog At the time it's only switching part of the peanut butter, not the smartest thing I've ever seen. I demand one for serial.

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I dragged myself out to my right ear? This plan is collapsing rather quickly...

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I wondered how much resources (network data, disk space) a #fedi instance would consume depending on the number of users, so I made a simple model.

tl;dr: the main issue with hosting a fediverse instance is the amount of data it sends on the network, which grows almost as the square of the number of users.

I've been informed by my bot that major cleaning projects are a premium feature.

*looks around room*

Much is explained.


@cosine @diodelass Don't worry, I still get 20x notification sounds for every notification. Everything works the same as before.

@notptr @dokuja I both forgot, and spent all my spoons on something else.

I was looking for an excuse to try the yagi out too...

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@​skynebula I used it, so you'd get your tires rotated and the like wanted you to press F1 to continue. THANKS DELL.

@Zach It's on the VHF band, and it's still images encoded as audio. No voice components unfortunately. I'm also not sure if the average short-wave radio goes up to VHF anymore. I had an old radio that received _everything_ back in the day.

As for decoding it, there's free software that will take the audio and convert it into images, either from your microphone (spotty) or an audio cable from the radio to the PC.

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