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Toploader - Dancing in the middle of something on the whoopie cushion we hid under the hashtag #WeAreNameless

@Truck @jeffalyanak Probably not a ringing endorsement for vi "I figured out how to close it" but you take what you can get I suppose 😀​

@Truck @jeffalyanak Many years ago, when all I knew was there were editor wars and I needed to pick a side, I tried them both out. I had the exact opposite experience. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get out of emacs, meanwhile in vi I stumbled into the help and learned how to close it. It's been one of the first things I install on a new box ever since.

@dokuja @jeffalyanak I did a bunch of stuff in Xed last night that I should have used grep for. Because of bad Windows habits.

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@​​​rick_777 We need to rip out all the crazy power issues after the fact. Obviously trying to squeeze it with my answering machine.

@gemlog Heh. I updated Fedilab and it somehow switched to my default account (this one) instead of the last one I had used. I didn't notice for a while.

How did I get here? And more importantly, what did I toot last night from here that I meant to toot from over there?

Thinking about watching Life again. It has a very interesting feel to it. Doesn't hurt that it's short (two seasons).

Seriously considering a nap. Which is weird, because I had a bunch of caffeine and I'm listening to some of Royksopp's more energetic offerings.

@selea Definitely. I need to expand my horizons, but I'm so darned lazy. @selea I can attest that it runs well on older hardware. It's my go-to for stuff with (relatively) slow processors and little RAM.

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I found I had to happen to make a bootable USB device that does both UEFI and non-UEFI. I have to get my rig fixed, there's blood all over everything, right?

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On Windows, I use DreamHost (my web host) for my offsite backups. I'd like to encrypt the data in spreadsheets and (to save my sanity) small databases.

@fribbledom I was lucky enough to get my start with QBasic, when I finally learned about GW-BASIC, it was an interesting experience.

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