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Popped into this account, because the great and mighty @woozle demanded it. (and maybe also because I've been rather absent from the fediverse for quite some time)

For some reason my timeline is either empty, or several days old. I've refreshed a couple of times and finally decided to just sort of give up on it. Maybe it'll sort itself out later?

Listening to some Switchfoot, however my head is not happy about that.


Yesterday evening we (Mom specifically) adopted a young dog.

Today she's doing all the slightly troublesome things that young dogs do. Like finding small holes in the fence or getting into stagnant bodies of water.

Silly us, we thought we had adequately prepared.

I just realized that while my amateur radio license renewed last year, I never printed and laminated a new card.

I keep one in the visor of the car after an unpleasant law enforcement experience regarding antennas long long ago.

I'm sure "See, I'm a real ham!" *expired license* is exactly what a tense situation needs.

*shakes some of the dust off this account*

*coughing fit*

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ACK! I forgot to sync them to establish the location for my inbound email, that way lies madness.

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I actually feel like I once discovered I can get used money cheaper?

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Toploader - Dancing in the middle of something on the whoopie cushion we hid under the hashtag #WeAreNameless

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@​​​rick_777 We need to rip out all the crazy power issues after the fact. Obviously trying to squeeze it with my answering machine.

How did I get here? And more importantly, what did I toot last night from here that I meant to toot from over there?

Thinking about watching Life again. It has a very interesting feel to it. Doesn't hurt that it's short (two seasons).

Seriously considering a nap. Which is weird, because I had a bunch of caffeine and I'm listening to some of Royksopp's more energetic offerings.

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I found I had to happen to make a bootable USB device that does both UEFI and non-UEFI. I have to get my rig fixed, there's blood all over everything, right?

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On Windows, I use DreamHost (my web host) for my offsite backups. I'd like to encrypt the data in spreadsheets and (to save my sanity) small databases.

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@​gemlog At the time it's only switching part of the peanut butter, not the smartest thing I've ever seen. I demand one for serial.

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I dragged myself out to my right ear? This plan is collapsing rather quickly...

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I wondered how much resources (network data, disk space) a #fedi instance would consume depending on the number of users, so I made a simple model.

tl;dr: the main issue with hosting a fediverse instance is the amount of data it sends on the network, which grows almost as the square of the number of users.

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@​skynebula I used it, so you'd get your tires rotated and the like wanted you to press F1 to continue. THANKS DELL.

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