I live hopeful that if I ever lose half my brain functionality I will find a job as a QA engineer in web development, because I will be overqualified.

So much of Twin Peaks season 3 is clunky as heck. It's like Lynch had a Syfi channel writer take a pass on it

TIL: Sia made a movie that implied autistic people are magic and cast a neuro-normative actor because autistic actors would be "too difficult to work with" (not a direct quote). Then an autistic dude everyone loves won the academy award.

Remember when Taking Heads were blamed for inspiring arson? The 80s were wild

Bought Monster Hunter on a whim. Way too complicated for me.

About to upgrade fedora by going to the hat store and asking for a level up

Gloomhaven has a way too vague and disorganized rule book. Watching my 5th rule video on youtube

Got my second vaccine and they didn't give me a sticker, so I am going to keep booking appointments and getting vaxxed until I get one.

Weird to find a tech reporter with the same name as your grandfather

Cats.... They're so like us! He said, shitting in a box of sand

In line for a Covid shot stuck listening to soft rock blasted through the speakers... A minor dose of poison while I await the next.

Bombed an interview for the first time. It was kind of thrilling.

3 days of trying to figure this game out and we got and half a turn in

The Last Drive-in is on and the world is great for at least 4 hours.

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