Listened to the second exercise, first wave of the Gateway Process and I feel great. Not as nuts a response as some people. Exercise 1 made me feel weirder.

In Ashville visiting a most beloved friend and feeling wonderful

Learned what stimming is. Realized I am nearly always stimming by biting my nails or repeating mantras.

Went to Dollywood on the day it's closed. Whoops!

Gets a doctor's bill for $6.48...

Me: what's this bill for? Well, it's only a few bucks, better pay it.

My Doctor: *cackling*

Twitter is a violent ocean, the Fediverse is a gentle stream.

I hate it when they anthropomorphize computer programs

One more season of Bojack to go. I wanna be sedated.

When people dm me on my work chat app and just say "hello" instead of asking a fucking question I want to stab them

Good night my dear mutants.

Hope to see you sauced on the saucers.

-Rev. Dr. Gothi Prairie Squid Freyja T. Catton

Fear Street 1994 gets really horny really fast

When you know the world is going to end in a few days, it is terrifically clarifying. Those trivialities like “all politics” or “money as a concept” or “sequential chronology” just melt away. You are right, they are wrong, you won, they lost, you are a SubGenius, they are anything that is not SubGenius.

Nothing that is bothering you right now will exist in a few days. Hold out… or just laugh about it. See you on the flying saucers.


Busy day at the weed store. They gave me a restaurant beeper

Time to cancel Drag Race. We gave enough queens. All All-Stars from now on.

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