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.@hamstudy@twitter.com's KD7BBC gives an update on remote online ham study. Please stop making cries to contact your VEC or the @fcc@twitter.com we've got this. It's just going to take some time. Key players are already on board. youtu.be/m_6TW2iOfEQ

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There was some rain and a bit of lightning here, but no hail. Calm now. I took some pictures of the full moon after the clouds cleared a bit.

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9:00PM: Thunderstorms have congealed into a line and continue to move east-southeast this evening. Most areas should see heavy rain with small hail, but these storms have a history of producing large hail and strong winds. A brief tornado may also be possible. Stay alert!

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Biggest hail I’ve ever encounter! Just got hit with golf ball to hen egg size hail!!

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Neat cloud-to-cloud lightning captured by Emma McKersie in Rockford area

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Antenna disconnected. No more FT8 for now.
HTs all charged up to listen to the SkyWarn folks do their thing.

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Storms will move into Muskegon and Ottawa Counties, then into Kent Co. Hail and strong wind possible twitter.com/Emily_Schuitema/st

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Severe Thunderstorm Warning including Wolf Lake MI, North Muskegon MI, Whitehall MI until 7:30 PM EDT

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I tried to update my QRZ page, but when I saved, it truncated all the content starting at the '😅' I tried to include.

Maybe I should have left it that way.
This also seems like a valid description of my antenna system.

Sorry, all! There wasn't much Amateur Radio activity on the fediverse when I first set up this account and bridged Twitter to it. Logged in for the first time in ages and noticed some notifications. Catching up now... 😅

OK, wow. That was fun!

I know that OTHER PEOPLES' radios can often be heard all across Europe, but these spots are of 20ish watts from MY little old TS-520SE and MY bit of speaker wire. Wild!

@kb6nu@twitter.com Did you ever get more info about the ousting of WB2ITX? I agree with @N0SSC@twitter.com that the disconnect here was surprising. Held off on joining ARRL as a result and I'm still holding off now, having heard nothing more.

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Does anyone know what the @ARRL@twitter.com is doing for new LoTW signups right now? The offices being closed probably puts a kink in the usual postcard workflow, eh?

Someone tweeted recently about tuning in to a VHF net where a bunch of hams were trying to explain to each other how to use Zoom, and I can't stop thinking about it.


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OM yells at ☁️

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Getting out OK on daytime 40 right now if anyone wants to try and say 'hi'

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Yesterday, our working group ran an "all-virtual" amateur radio technician license exam for the first time in history! Thanks to @W5YI@twitter.com for being supportive of this effort. Stay tuned, we hope to have a scalable solution available for broader use soon! @N0SSC@twitter.com @arrl@twitter.com @arrlscv@twitter.com twitter.com/lucky225/status/12

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