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Re-upping this: teletra.pl/forum/index.php M17, an open source digital voice radio system for Amateur Radio. Open protocol, open CODEC, and open hardware. I somehow fell into some of the protocol specification work. :-)

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Recent 2m FT8 receiver reports from me are all lies. Sorry everyone!

I was trying to troubleshoot some audio issues on my FreeBSD machine and accidentally started WSJT-X monitoring 40m as “2m.” Downside of no rig control.

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Assembled the i3vhf baby loop and tested the basic ATU, actuator operations...it’s following Radio’s frequency changes and adjusts the big capacitors automagically.

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It may be worth noting that I left the dialectic on the entire length of the speaker wire except where it attaches to the balun. Trading off efficiency for some safety from shorts and corrosion resistance.

The secondhand balun I’m using (not for any particular match, just to connect speaker wire to coax) is most likely not watertight, so I think that’s where the main issue is. Open to other theories though.

I think I have some ice forming near the feed point of my antenna. I Tx a few times and the resistive load of my mediocre antenna generates enough heat to melt the ice, creating a short so my SWR suddenly shoots waaay up and doesn’t come back down for hours.

TFW the bands are Good, but the weather is Bad.

(The other end of that BNC jumper cable has another adaptor to connect to the SO-239 of my power meter.)

Thanks to @Tags_Trip@twitter.com adding a new grid overlay feature in the latest @GridTracker@twitter.com release, I can now show you my LoTW-confirmed FM Satellite QSLs on a map!

Going to need to take a break from FT8 soon and pick up the old Arrow to keep filling in these grids!

Press 'F' for my propagation to FN, and especially FM today.

I have push notifications for Twitter turned OFF, but I have push notifications for @ham_alert@twitter.com turned ON. 🤔

Playing on now. Hoping to fill in some of the Midwestern states that appear to be in my skip zone on 20 and 40. WI, IL, KY, WV, etc.

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Another week, another chance to hunt satellites! Here's my proposed sched for this week. Will keep everyone posted if the schedules are a go :)) 73 de DW4TA

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