@ella_kane@hackers.town @remotenemesis The thing is, I practically have my own single user instance here, except someone else admins it...

I think @dashie is gonna start charging me by the toot soon.

@dashie @QBFreak @ella_kane @remotenemesis

I apologize for the netizens of hackers.town summoning you @dashie , It was all in good fun I hope.

@thegibson I really only got a few mentions but can't see start of the conversation so I have no ideas what's going on 🤷 @QBFreak @ella_kane@hackers.town @remotenemesis

I've very much been enjoying my time on this instance (my first). It's been a smooth ride, so I'd say you're doing a pretty good job. I just sort of dragged you in when I was commenting on the fact that I pretty much own the Local Timeline.
@ella_kane@hackers.town @remotenemesis

@dashie @QBFreak @ella_kane @remotenemesis

If we are going to be honest... there's not much to miss... it started with a private toot that was in no way related to the current thread.

rampancy... sheer unadulterated rampancy.

@thegibson @dashie @ella_kane@hackers.town @remotenemesis

I know the first step is to admit I have a problem, but I've forgotten the rest.

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