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@M0YNG would be great to look if that weird federation issue is still happening.
I'm on latest 2.6.1+glitch here.

@QBFreak yes ! cutted last pins of a db25 to make a db23 for my amiga video out.
when you needs something and it's easy to do, even if not pretty, if it works...

@QBFreak yeah nice idea !
I still have pre-made ones lying in a box, but the one I use most frequently are DIY one, with the wrong cable, and way to short.. but they works!

@QBFreak now I'm thinking it would be a really good idea to test all my various serial cables with a better method than "does it works ? is it a null modem or..."

@QBFreak I've used two MCP23017 in I2C on a pi with wirinpi lib to drive and read a keyboard matrix
Theorically 8 max on one I2C port, 128I/O max
since you know which cable to test you can use the same line for multiple connectors and use less I/O
add a lcd, few buttons, a SD card shield and you're done

@QBFreak a FPGA could do it but less easy than an arduino or raspberrypi and a bunch of I/O multiplexers

@kc2syk @M0YNG I have very limited time this week until the 14 but after that I will have time to help doing extended testing and what to search if wanted

@kc2syk @M0YNG there is, but it's really painful on a populated instance to find the right thing when you don't know what to search for :/

@kc2syk @M0YNG nothing in tcpdump on mastodon side, it looks the same nginx side too
as for SSL both are lets'encrypt and seems to be able to get profiles IIRC

@M0YNG I really don't know what the issue is.
On my side Webfinger works, and your remote follow throw an error but I have absolutely no request done to my server, so no error showing on my side.
I don't know what to make you search for :/

@M0YNG @Gargron following from mastodon builtin works, I've seen the issue only when using the "remote follow" feature from your side

on mhz side the "remote follow" thing seems to properly redirect

so it's only the "remote follow" thingy which looks broken

@dc7ia @M0YNG mmh. I opened the public profile of ok1vsh, tried the remote follow and after many seconds got the error !

BUT, by following FROM mhz mastodon, it works.

There is definitely something weird on side :(

@dc7ia @M0YNG of ok1vsh ?
Searching the profile URL in the search bar seems to correctly load it, what is the issue ?

@M0YNG can you share the error with removing private infos ?

11 days until the exam, hope to get it and not have to bother retrying...

@MU0WLV @kc2syk @valentintintin @dc7ia it looks something is sent to the user inboxes, but my mastodon doesn't shows any error.
does the logs shows an error ? @M0YNG

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